The Birth of Agrani

Situated in 1957 at Azimpur, Dhaka , this is the first kindergarten school of Bangladesh. It started with very few students under a tent and gradually became one of the most reputed girls' school in Bangladesh.
Now it has a college section, too.

Inauguration: 21st January, 1957
Location :Azimpur, Dhaka
Student when it started : 14
Student at present: 4000 approximately.
Founder: Dr Quazi Anwara Mansoor

When It Started with 14 Students under a Tent

It is necessary both for boys and girls to be educated properly for a better society, with this vision in mind, Dr Quazi ANwara Mansoor of Asia, Ms Margaret Bradley of Europe and Mrs Bani Shatter started to work. They worked at an Education related group of  Women's Voluntary Association of Dhaka on 1954. At that time female education was not widespread in this region of south asia and modern education for women was unthinkable. At that hour Dr Monsoor took the responsibilty to turn their dream into reality and as a result of her determination and hard work, "Azimpur kindergarten" was established on the area considered as a park for children and women.
Some other great minds also came to help her in this noble cause, notably, Naimunnesa Chaudhuri, Rabeya Khatun, Amena Bahar, Hosne Ara Begam and Engineer M. A. Jabbar .  Dr Anwara Mansoor took the responsibility of the head mistress of this school. We here can see Dr Anwara Monsoor, mostly known as BORO APPA to the students, teaching the first batch of students under the tent.

Every year, on 21st January, a Milad Mahfil ( group  prayer session ) is held in the school ground to pray for brighter future and celebrate the birthday of Agrani School.

From Azimpur Kindergarten to
Agrani School and College

14 boys and girls started their educational life here, under two tents and a fenced room. In course of time this came to grow up as a primary and then junior school under a  tin-shaded school building. And after that it became an institution for girl's education only, boys were not admitted any more.
In 1966 it was named Azimpur Agrani Balika Bidyalay, and then Agrani Balika Bidyalay. The college section, that is for higher secondary education, was established in 1st November, 1994 and then it was given the name  Agrani School and College.

Our Tulu Appa

Mrs Rokeya Mannan, ( we used to call her Tulu appa ) was headmistress of Agrani School for a long time and she indeed possesses a special place in the heart and mind of the students of Agrani.

She is not only a great teacher, but also a great organizer and social worker. She is the Co-chairperson of "Breaking the Silence". For her excellence and contribution to Education in Bangladesh she received the Begum Rokeya Padak in 2006 (The award carries a gold medal weighing 25 gram 18 karat and embossed with Begum Rokeya’s image, Tk 10,000 and a certificate,to honor the invaluable contribution of Begum Rokeya to the awakening of women).

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